no no hair removalThe No No Hair Removal kit is an advanced hair removal solution that uses advanced heat technology to slice hairs off safely and effectively and discourages them from coming back by burning away a good portion of the root.

On my site, I’m going to walk you through the science and the effectiveness of the the kit so you can get a good grasp of whether or not it is right for you and just how effective it can be for everyday use.

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This review is for the 8800 Series, the most up to date kit currently offered by the company. This powerful little device actually burns and slices through hair with a powerful thermodynamic wire that transmits a strong heat wave into the air.

Burning the hair is far more effective than normal razors, which simply slice through it. This is because the hair doesn’t grow back nearly as quickly. In fact, it can take as much as a month’s time for the hair to come back after a single use, 94% longer than standard shaving and razors!

This product for women is absolutely perfect. I’ve been using it myself for a couple weeks now and I am thrilled with the results. My neck, arms and legs are smoother and softer than ever before even though I hardly even shave at all any more thanks to this wonderful device!

As far as using the product for the man in your life, it can be quite effective at getting rid of unwanted chest hair, neck hair and shoulder hair. This is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape for the beach or just take a few hairs off for vanity’s sake.

On this site, you will find a collection of  testimonials. The results of this product really speak for itself and you can watch and read plenty of what real users have to say about this product. It’s a real product that delivers real results.

Here is one of the most popular testimonials for the kit from Heidi in California who enjoys using the kit:

As you can see, with just a few simple strokes, the kit has already removed a lot of the hair Heidi had on her arm. It’s very effective and with regular usage, it can replace most of what you do for shaving or waxing.

No No Featured on the View!

This is a great video I found on Youtube for the NoNo 8800 on the view. The ladies show off the features and benefits of the product and give people a great chance to see just how it works and why it’s a great alternative to mainstream shaving and waxing. Pretty cool :D

So is it expensive?

A lot of people ask this question when they are considering buying this kit. But when you take a look at the price tag, which is around 280 dollars, you also have to take a look at what it would cost you to get that without any kind of device like this. People don’t realize just how expensive professional, quality hair removal is and sometimes don’t add it up until it’s too late!

An average trip to the salon for a waxing treatment could cost you around 500-1000 dollars. That’s more than enough to pay for this handy little device and be able to use it every single day of your life. Seems like an easy switch, doesn’t it? For most people, no no hair removal just makes more sense in terms of cost.

Does No No permanently remove the hair?

Not exactly, but much more permanent than shaving or waxing! You can typically expect hair to be gone for a few weeks after using it regularly for a while.

You see, the no no hair removal device utilizes a Thermicon heat technology to slice the hair which makes it harder for the hair to grow back. After a few weeks of use, you will notice you only really have to use the no no hair removal kit once every week or so. Not bad considering how often most women shave!

Is No No Designed to Work Everywhere?

This kit is designed to work on every area of the body except the breast and genitals. Certain sensitive areas should obviously be avoided, but even the face can be a spot to use this device if you are careful and apply the right attachment for the kit. The  kit is designed for just about anywhere on the body.

Can No No get rid of thick patches of hair?

This device is better designed for smaller, more localized bits of hair such as the face, arms and legs. Those looking to get rid of coarse bits of hair such as the arm pits should probably stick to shaving as it can damage the device if the hair is too thick!

Overall, here are the pros and cons of using the kit:

No No Hair Removal Pros:

-Light and easy to use

-Effectively gets rid of hair and can even replace shaving on most body parts

-Gets rid of hair for a few weeks by killing the follicle

-Offers a risk free trial

-Has great customer service and return policy if you aren’t satisfied

-Comes with a one year warranty

No No Hair Removal Cons:

-Can sometimes take a few applications to see results

-Can cause mild burn if not used properly

-Not intended for breasts or genitals

No No Hair Removal Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

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