Does No No Hair Removal for Men work just as effectively as for women? The truth is that there are some benefits to having softer, less coarse hairs that women have and while men can get most of the same benefits as women, it is not designed with them in mind.

It depends on the degree to which a man has hair on his body and what areas he is looking to shave. The average man can use a No No Hair Removal kit just as effectively as any woman can. Men with significant amounts of hair may want to look elsewhere.

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There are no unique risks involved with trying the product however. You can get started with a free trial without doing much work at all, and the product comes with a money back guarantee. So if you are interested in the No No Hair Removal for men, there is no harm in trying it out.

My advice would be to order the product and get it as a trial offer, then see if you like it. Use it on finer patches of skin such as the legs or chest and do try to avoid the armpits as those are likely much more coarse for a man. I advise keeping this for a week to see the results, and if it doesn’t work out, send it back!

Do try to avoid the face though! Sensitive areas like the face can get burned by the technology the device uses, so be careful and you will get the bast, safest results!

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